ATHENS: Phyllo Dough, 16 oz


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These flaky, layered sheets of tissue-thin pastry dough are best known for their use in traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes such as baklava, spanakopita and strudel. However, the light, crispy texture of phyllo adds a welcome crunch to almost any dish – from appetizers and snacks to entrees and desserts.Phyllo pastry dough is better for you than other prepared doughs. Our phyllo pastry dough sheets have no trans fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. Low-calorie Athens Phyllo Dough is the perfect substitute for high-fat puff pastry, ready-made crusts and canned, refrigerated doughs. Check out our nutritional information below.Phyllo is quick and easy. Use phyllo every day, not just for special occasions. Working with our dough is surprisingly simple. Create your own phyllo masterpiece or explore some of our recipes. Come back often, as we frequently update with fresh ideas and new uses for phyllo.




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