AMERICAN HEALTH: Probiotics Acidophilus and Bifidum Chewable Fruit, 100 Wafers


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Maintain your daily digestive health and optimal intestinal balance with great-tasting Chewable Acidophilus.Acidophilus supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, helps with proper nutrient absorption, assists in the body’s nautral digestive process and contributes to healthy immune function.Acidophilus is the ideal way to help balance our positive flora. Our 100% natural assorted fruit flavored chewable acidophilus is ideal for both adults and children. Each wafer contains a mix of two classic lactobacilii – acidophilus and bifidum – and is guaranteed to deliver 1 billion microorganisms. In addition, our Chewable Acidophilus wafers are an easy, convenient and delicious way to receive digestive health benefits. With Acidophilus and Bifidum, you can support your digestive health and feel good all day, every day.




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