ALESSI: Coconut Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, 8.5 oz


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This is no glaze. Our reductions are made to enhance the flavors of your food, rather than mask over the entire dish and dominate the plate. Our reductions are light, subtle, and never overbearing. We simply reduce balsamic vinegar over heat to concentrate the flavors, resulting in a natural flavor boost that will bring your meal from blase to brilliant. Alessi Balsamic Reductions can be used to enhance any dish, including cheese plates, salads and marinades, roasted meats and vegetables, and even fresh fruit. Besides the typical use of being decoratively drizzled over a finished plate, our Coconut Balsamic Reduction can be used on green salads, fruit salads, macadamia crusted chicken or shrimp, over baked goods, and even over ice cream.




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